This was inspired by a cocktail waitress named Victoria, be afraid, be very afraid.


Victoria victorious, she feed you dreams of flying.

Victoria victorious, she’ll tease you ‘till you’re blind.

Victoria victorious, she says she loves you true.

Victoria victorious, believe, ‘cause you’re a fool,

and you know she’s lying, lying, lying, lyer

Verse 1

They walk into her bar, take their seats along the shelf.

They come in late and lonely ‘cause they want her for them self.

They spend their time and money, drinking at her well.

They go home broke and lonely, back to their private hell.


Verse 2

They come into the theater, they're tripping on their feet.

They’re talking loud and lonely as they stumble to their seats.

They’ve seen the show before, they think the end will change.

They go home cold and lonely, back to their private pain.


Verse 3

They go into the ballroom, ‘cause they want to watch her dance.

They pass up other harlequins, there’s only her romance.

They hide behind the shadows with their whiskey and their smoke.

They pay to watch her laugh at them and never get the joke.


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