Black or White:

Copyright 1988 Greg Parrish, John 'ThumperD' Domingues:

Gregís a cool bartender/bon vivant/musician/computergeek in Raleigh.


You havenít heard a single word that Iíve said tonight.

All youíve heard is the yourself say weíre falling apart, I think youíre right.

I hate to see it happen, you always said it would.

To you itís always been black or white.


Maybe we could heal the hurt, just let me next to you.

You never knew just what I meant, when I said that I love you.

Youíre searching simple answers to the problems that we face.

Nothing goes the way you want it to.


So Iím leaving you, Iím leaving you, the fight is gone from me.

I canít handle expectations of how things ought to be.

So go ahead and spend your life in some romantic dream.

Fantasies with no room for me.


Not a question of survival, weíll both get by.

Weíve been through this so many times, there is no need to cry.

We might have made it happen, we might have made it right.

Instead, Iím left to wonder why.

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