Phone Booth Profit
Copyright 1968 Thumper Productions:

Written by Barney and Cindy Killian


I am the weary traveler waiting hours for the train

I am the patient hobo standing freezing in the rain

I am the wandering lover without my love at night

I am the matchless smoker asking for a light



I am the blinded hero searching frantic for my eyes

I am the deaf dumb cripple who cannot even cry



I am the frightened child pleading for your hand

I am the seasick sailor who's never seen dry land

I am the naive scholar wathching all my empires fall

I am the ancient hunchback who once stood proud and tall



I am the young evangilist speaking long of timeless things

I am the the phone booth prophet waiting for my telephone to ring


short verse:

I am the homeles runaway beneath the city lights

I am the angry prisoner screaming for my rights



I am the phone booth prophet with your number on my wall

I am the needy stanger with no spare change left to call


short verse:

I am all these ones around you now drifting through their days

I am the faceless masses lost within the maze



I am the coinless drunkard with a bottle of vermouth

I am the phone booth prophet gone at last with peace with truth