Rock 'n' Roll Star:

Copyright 1991 Thumper Productions:

My youngest brother, his son and friends, sitting around after Thanksgiving dinner, made this work.

Chorus -twice each time

I go to the bars, hang out with the stars,

I play my guitar, 'cause I wannabe a rocknroll star.

The lookers pose, they're doing their prancecs.

The hootchie kootchie munchkin dances.

It turns to 2, you've lost your chances.

No time love, just short romances.


The lovers gaze, they're making passes.

The waitress wades thru seas of glasses.

The music flirts and hugs and sasses.

The bathroom smells of beer and grasses.


And when the nite slides into morning.

And the players change their roles.

And when the lovers sell their bodies.

And the players sell their souls.


It's getting late, Ive sung my verses.

I've sung my songs and told my tales.

Full color dreams and true romances,

and we both know that they're not real.



I know where you've been,I know what you'cha seen

I know what you dream and you want to be a rock'n'roll star.


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