Thunder of her love: (November 19, 2003)

Copyright 2003 Thumper Productions:

Samantha reminded me of things we all share.


She was only 17, too young, to start a family.

She met the boy she loved, the only thing to do, was go her way

It didn’t matter that her family didn’t know him

It didn’t matter, that her friends, said he was wrong.

It wouldn’t have mattered if the sky had opened wide and said “hey, no way”

All that mattered, was the thunder of her love.


They spent a year or two they had a home, they had a family

She had the boy she loved, and everything was going her way.

It didn’t matter that they struggled to make ends meet

It didn’t matter they didn’t have a brand new car

It wouldn’t have mattered if the sky had opened wide and said “hey, no way”

All that mattered was the thunder of their love

----- bridge

And then they grew apart

Just a little at the start

The beating of their hearts

Found another drum


The distance widened slowly

Although they both said “no way”

We’ll never let it tear our love apart


But the love you have today

Is finding it’s own way

So you can never say

What will be


And so their time as one

Became their time of two

And ‘tho they’d loved each other

It was through(2)

----------- verse

And now she’s 24 too young to be single mother

The dogs come sniffing round don’t want her love, but they want more

She holds her children warm against the winter

She holds her children safe against the storm

It doesn’t matter When the sky, it opens wide and says “hey, no way”

All that matters is the thunder her love

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