When The World Cries

Copyright 1969 Thumper Productions:

We are all alone When we go we're gone

Humanity's our only hope, mankinds our only song

You're part of everything there is

You're part what will be

When you go on the part not gone

Makes up humanity

We need the thug, the bold high flyer

The hero and the thief

The superman, the tv star,

The fool who gives us grieve

The mother dying, children saved

The leader and the knave

The astronaut, the banker

The hermit in his cave

The beggar in the back door trash,

or dying in the street

The business men in fancy suits,

who buy a Lear jet fleet

The heros that we long to be

The failures that we are

It's still just us who got us here

We've come so very far

They can live up on the moutain

They can live down by the sea

They can live out in the desert

But they're only you and me

They can spend their day out in a field,

downtown or at the pool

If you can't see we're all the same

Then you're the bigger fool

We beg, we cry, we steal, we cheat,

build Disneyland for fun

Build trains & planes & ships & cars,

& rockets to the sun

We'll shoot each other, hurt ourselves

and poison mother earth

But save a child, a whale, a land

and give all that we're worth

We beat, we rob, we kill, we steal,

everything we can

We feed, we clothe, we heal, we mourn

and mother humankindd

The saviour & the murderer

the baker & the thief

It only takes the grace of god

It could be you or me

The crook who fools the old folks

The liar on tv

The business man who rapes the world

They are just you and me

The preacher man who loves your cash

Until the end of time

The peace corp kid who volunteers

>And teaches love not lying

The african, the mexican,

the german and the jew

No matter what you call them

They are just me and you

The wind that blows betweent the stars

Knows not of what it seeks

While mankind crawls then walks then runs

I am is what it speaks

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