>Copyright 1996 Thumper Productions:

Sue is responsible for most of this. We wrote it for Sloe.


Zombie love, over your dead body let's make love.

Zombie love, your cold and moldy body, stirs my soul.

Zombie love, your clammy gray complexion really turns me on.

And your pine box is my idea of heaven, don't you know.

Flesh is rotting, bones are snapping.

Waking up from deadly napping.

Creaks and cracks come out of the black

All of my nightmares come true

Zombie love, you are the fantasy that I've longed for

Zombie love, I'm so glad that I came knocking at your crypt door

The night is black, to soon the sun will come, why don't we take a chance.

Oh please, Mr. mortician let me have this dance

Spooks and chills and screams of kills.

Echo through the night.

Creaks and cracks come out of the black.

All of my dreams come true.

Zombie love, have long have you been standing in the dark out there

>Zombie love, how long have you been watching with that cold black stare

Zombie love, I feel a little frightened, do you really care?

Zombie love, our love will last forever if I only dare.

Flesh is rotting, bones are snapping, waking up from deadly napping

Creaks and cracks come out of the black

All of my nightmares come true

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