"Please"  for my brother

"Thunder of her love" thanks Sam

"For You"  for no one in particular, just lonely

"Y2k01"  party animals in Mexico with peyote ????

"Without your love" written during the Melissa years

"Rock and roll star"  Louisburg NC, sin capital of Louisburg NC

"Graverobber"  Herb and I, Ft Lauderdale

"Boogieman"  Sue Pippen drummer and me

"Soaring" Michelle left

"Global Village"  in the year of the Gulf war

"New World"  the Julie child started this off

"250 Motorcycle Mama"  maybe 350

"Cabbage Patch"  A drummer, Jim,  from San Antonio and me

"Pretty Boy"  She flirted with me and went home with the bartender

"Telephone"  I remember the 50's

"It's a Beautiful World"  Cathy Lee started this one

"Ashley to Ashes"  She was beautiful and deadly

"All I want"  another Melissa song

"It's a Sin" how many Melissa songs can there be

"Baby Come Back Home"  The last of the Melissa songs

"Stories"  My version of the Lord of the Rings

"Yuppie Boy Harley Rider"  There are jerks everywhere you go

"Zombie Love"  Sue Pippin, nuff said

"In My Own Mind"  many years ago

"Vegetable Blues", my attempt at subtle sexuality and blues

"Beth" for my sister and Beth

"Black or White"  Greg Parrish wrote this

"Crazy little Eddie" just another motorcycle sing a long

"You're going away" Wayne Green's and Billy Gibson's song

"Kitty Litter" about women dumping men by the side of the road

"Mellie says" hopefully we learn from our mistakes

"Sad Indian" more anti trashing the planet

"When the world crys", no comment

"Phone Booth Phrophet" Barney and Cindy Killian

"Lost at lust again", thanks to Constance



I met Becky at a time when I was ready for a relationship.  I wrote this song for her.

"Don't want to" #1 of the Becky trilogy

I told her I had written a song for her, she said “What did you call it, Crazy Lady”? So I said “Ok” and went home and wrote this one.

"Crazy Lady" the second of the Becky trilogy

Well, then she dumped me.  I thought “Wow, I  wanted a relationship and all she wanted was sex, drugs and rock and roll, I think I’ll write a song about how badly she made me feel.  Whoops, once I started thinking of things to say I realized that I had played that same game so many times in my life.  Next thing I knew, the song was about my screwing up relationships.  Becky’s gone now but I got 3 songs.  It took 4 years to get 4 songs out of the Melissa time.

"Been a Fool" the 3rd of the Becky trilogy


I met Victoria cocktailing at a combination golf course/live music venue.  This does not even begin to let you know how strange this one is.

Victoria victorious, you should meet this girl


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